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BMC Rating: 3.3



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October 02, 2015

If you are looking for fast action on a variety of fish and no BS, no not book with this guy. I have used him on 2 occasions and planned a third, he cancelled my 3rd trip because he said that he could not meet my expectations. Lets’ start with the 1st and second time I booked with this guy. Both times, it was a bad day. Not catching too much of anything. Clyde is happier with telling jokes and talking, running his mouth about nothing rather that concentration on searching and catching fish. This is Ok for kids but not for someone who just wants to seek out and catch fish, this is not your guide. Be on the lookout for his $30.00 fuel charge. When you are cruising around on which ever lake, think about how much actual fuel is used. Surely not $30.00 worth. Maybe $6.00 - $8.00. On one of my trips, we got skunked so bad, he had some frozen fish already frozen and bagged up to give me after we were done. It was like he knew that it was a bad day for fishing but did not acre. He just wanted the $$$. Now, for the bonanza, I attempted to try one more time. I expressed with a reminder that in the past, we did not do so good. I explained that I want to catch fish this time which included maybe 5 different types in variety. This scum bag had me mail in my deposit. After two day of email exchanges of me suggesting lakes, upcoming conditions, he decided that he did not want to honor my deposit because he could not for fill my expectations and sent my check back in the mail. He could not even pick up the phone and call me to discuss. Clyde acted like the brat that he is and just returned my check with a note saying this.

Rating: 1/5

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